Preventive Dental Health Care

- Dental cleaning
- Oral examinations
- Digital dental x-rays with panoramic films
- Digital intraoral photography for more accurate diagnosis
- Oral cancer screening
- Topical fluoride application
- Pit and fissure sealant
- Occlusal splint (night guard) for excessive wear of teeth

Periodontal Health Care

- Scaling and root planing
- Deep pockets management
- Treating gingival recession (receding gum)
- Pre-restorative clinical crown lengthening

Restorative Dentistry

- Esthetic composite fillings (white fillings)
- Onlay / Inlay for extensively damaged teeth
- Full crown restoration

Prosthetic Dentistry

- Implant supported crown and bridge
- Adhesion bridge (Maryland bridge)
- Metal framed Removable partial denture
- Valplast non-metal removable partial denture
- Complete denture
- Immediate denture

Cosmetic Dentistry

- Guided at-home teeth whitening
- Porcelain veneer for discolored, malaligned teeth
- Cosmetic bonding
- Invisalign (invisible braces)

Endodontic Treatment

- Root canal treatment
- Pulpotomy
- Emergency dental pain management

Pediatric Dental Health Care

- Comprehensive, periodic oral examination for kids
- Cleanings and every aspect of preventive dentistry including fluoride application
- Digital x-rays for minimum radiation exposure